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How to Prepare Your Marketing Strategy in Advance of Raising a Seed Round w/ Charlie O'Donnell

March 17, 2022 Charlie O'Donnell Season 1 Episode 51
B2B Better
How to Prepare Your Marketing Strategy in Advance of Raising a Seed Round w/ Charlie O'Donnell
Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Charlie O'Donnell, Founder and General Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.

He shares his experience as a VC evaluating hundreds of potential deals and the role marketing plays in his decision-making.

This episode is a must-listen for early-stage companies who want to get their marketing on point as they approach their pre-seed or seed round,

We covered:

02:32 - Who is Charlie O'Donnell?
06:27 - What is Brooklyn Bridge Ventures?
08:32 - Getting a VCs attention as an early-stage Founder
13:48 - Founder-led community events + convincing a VC to attend
16:50 - How is marketing evaluated during the due diligence process?
20:45 - Is there a bigger appetite for great marketing in B2B today versus a decade ago?
22:43 - How important is brand compared to demand when VCs evaluate a company?
27:25 - What is a VCs appetite for 'unpredictable' marketing channels?
31:59 - What is the most important aspect of marketing companies need to get right?
33:40 - How will B2B marketing change in the next five years?
36:08 - Mixing family and work

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