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How to Pivot an In-Person Event to Remote w/ Shaun Cole

March 30, 2022 Shaun Cole Season 1 Episode 52
B2B Better
How to Pivot an In-Person Event to Remote w/ Shaun Cole
Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Shaun Cole, Co-Founder and Account Director at Born Agency.

He shares an excellent case study around how to pivot an idea in response to change. Working with Ecophon, a manufacturer of acoustic panels, Shaun and his colleagues delivered an internal marketing campaign focussed on boosting morale while working remotely. 

Shaun also shares his experience in hiring new staff during the great resignation and what it takes to build something memorable.

This episode is a must-listen for B2B marketers looking for inspiration on how to do better than boring internal communications.

We covered:

01:00 - Who is Shaun Cole?
01:50 - How can you attract talent to an agency in today's market?
03:45 - How did you help Ecophone boost morale?
13:41 - What is your creative process?
17:37 - What was the most challenging part of the campaign?
19:53 - Would you have done anything differently?
21:20 - Can this campaign work externally?
24:10 - How do you develop something memorable?
28:02 - What's going to be the biggest change in how B2B companies market themselves?

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