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How to Build a Community Moat in a Startup w/ Sara Ott

April 13, 2022 Sara Ott Season 1 Episode 53
B2B Better
How to Build a Community Moat in a Startup w/ Sara Ott
Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Sara Ott, Head of Community Experience at Hound.

We talk about why community is a good hedge for B2B companies in the face of changing buyer behaviour, how to build and run an effective ambassador programme, and what a one-person marketing strategy looks like.

Sara also shares her thoughts on why introverts can make some of the best community managers around. 


01:24 - Who is Sara Ott?
03:44 - How she ended up at Hound
04:24 - What does Hound do?
07:04 - Why so much emphasis on community?
09:50 - Understanding your customer
12:29 - Why is community a good hedge?
17:22 - How do you decide it's the right time to invest in community?
19:50 - Hound's referral programme
26:38 - What is was one takeaway to improve a company's community today?
30:06 - Can only extroverts be community managers?

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