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How to Scale Community from Startup to IPO w/ Christina Garnett

May 11, 2022 Christina Garnett Season 1 Episode 55
B2B Better
How to Scale Community from Startup to IPO w/ Christina Garnett
Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Christina Garnett, Senior Marketing Manager, Offline Community & Advocacy at Hubspot.

We talk about scaling a community from startup to IPO, how to maintain engagement quality and the basic makeup of a customer advisory board that feeds company growth.

Christina and I also talk about #MarketingTwitter and our thresholds for hitting that block button.


01:44 - When do you block on Twitter?
05:04 - How does community scale with a business?
11:57 - What does the make up of a customer advisory board look like?
16:56 - Finding the right balance between automation and humanity.
25:08 - How can you scale a community without sacrificing quality?
28:07 - Do you need dedicated managers for each micro community?
31:27 - Incentivising community members to act as your champions.
34:42 - Our love of hoodies.
38:53 - What's one thing you can do this week to improve your community member experience? 

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