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How to Pivot a Marketing Strategy to Tackle a New ICP w/ Jeremy Moser

June 05, 2022 Jason Bradwell Season 1 Episode 57
B2B Better
How to Pivot a Marketing Strategy to Tackle a New ICP w/ Jeremy Moser
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In this episode, I sit down with Jeremy Moser, CEO of uSERP.

We talk about his recent acquisition of Wordable - a document export and publishing tool - and how he has pivoted its marketing strategy to go after a completely new ICP. Jeremy shares a few early results and breaks down a step-by-step beginner SEO strategy. 


09:20 - Who was Wordable's ICP pre-purchase
11:25 - Who are you targeting today?
13:17 - How was the product marketed pre-acquisition and how have you adapted your marketing to target the new ICP?
17:25 - What channels have driven the biggest uptick in revenue since you acquired Wordable?
19:14 - Can you share a step-by-step approach to building an SEO strategy from scratch?
23:01 - Should you pay for backlinks?
26:50 - What's next for Wordable?
28:37 - What will be the biggest change in how B2B companies market themselves over the next five years?
31:20 - Who should I interview next on B2B Better?

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