B2B Better

How to Nail B2B Content Distribution w/ Ross Simmonds

August 23, 2022 Jason Bradwell Season 1 Episode 62
B2B Better
How to Nail B2B Content Distribution w/ Ross Simmonds
Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Ross Simmonds, Founder and CEO of Foundation Marketing.

Ross knows more ways to maximize the value of a single piece of content than I know how to complain about a slight deviation in temperature (which is a lot). 

We dived into the skills B2B teams lack internally to distribute their content effectively, the difference between "content user fit" and "channel user fit", and how sales teams can do more with marketing material than just pumping it out on LinkedIn.

Ross also shares his #1 draft pick for the upcoming NFL season. We all owe him a beer. 

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