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How a Roofing Specialist Grew Its TikTok Following by 300% in Eight Weeks w/ VILPE

September 08, 2022 Jason Bradwell Season 1 Episode 64
B2B Better
How a Roofing Specialist Grew Its TikTok Following by 300% in Eight Weeks w/ VILPE
Show Notes

Quick one before we get into the usual pleasantries…

This interview is a bit different to other episodes of B2B Better. 

More guests, more narrative, more music. More… quality (in my humble opinion)

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And if you’ve never listened to the podcast - this would be the episode to start. 

I’m pretty proud of it.


In this episode, I sit down with VILPE - a speciality roofing ventilation equipment manufacturer based out of Finland.

We talked about exhibiting at expensive trade shows, how to not send rubbish cold emails and... just kidding. We spoke about TikTok.

Why? Because they have built a following of 80,000 followers in under 12 months. And it's starting to yield some awe-inspiring business results. 

This is a story of rejecting the status quo in how to win new business even in traditional industries. 

We covered: 

  • What are the three core principles of building a successful TikTok strategy?
  • How did VILPE jump from 20k to 80k followers in eight weeks? 
  • What business results have they seen? (hint - they have never had more job applications)

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