B2B Better

Giving More Than You Take in B2B Social w/ Danielle Guzman

November 11, 2021 Jason Bradwell Season 1 Episode 43
B2B Better
Giving More Than You Take in B2B Social w/ Danielle Guzman
Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Danielle Guzman, Head of Social Media at Mercer. 

We broke down B2B social strategy into a 40-minute masterclass - from how to set the right objectives at the start of the year to finding the right balance between paid and organic.  

Danielle also shared her thoughts on the biggest untapped social media opportunity for brands in 2022. 

This episode is a must-listen for early-stage B2B organisations who want to know how to develop a social media strategy that cuts through the noise. 

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